Architecture Future Space: Replicator V3

A Spatial Replicator of planetary proportions. A machine servant for one's Virtual Reality State.

An architectural intervention of scalable mass. A machine that generates required energy required by the pixelscapes. The replicator is built and driven to sites that require an undulation of pixelscapes. It would sustain itself long term with fusion engine technology however would eventually submit itself to further software upgrades.

Its core, a 5 storey operating station balanced on a gyroscope would stay horizontal regardless of volumentric orientation. It illuminates itself via a triangular fragmented facade, ambiently lit within the entire shell.

The replicator works in tandem with other replicators or within its image across a mirrored pixelscape. Harnessing spatiality, a replicator would be liberated from all reference in scale and orientation thus allowing a unique spatial experience. Everyone experiences a pixelscape either by him/herself or as a collective or as a third party beyond with nothing else but endless sense of admiration and speculation.